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I am enjoying my self fine between showers, as the weather as been very changeable at Carlisle. I hope you are having better weather. I am sorry I am [?] with this never mind
Cheerio George

English Street from Town Hall, Carlisle
Published by Valentine & Sons Ltd., Dundee and London

To: Miss Jean Lester, 35 MU RAF, Heywood, Salvage Office
Postmark: – – – – tonland | 4.15pm | 1? August 194?

A very evocative postcard published and posted during World War II showing a view of the city centre from the steps of the old Town Hall. Transport and dress sense may have changed but very little else has in this image. Buses stand idling ready to take passengers to Kingstown and St Ann’s Hill and shoppers mingle around the 17th century Market Cross monument, which is still a resting place for shoppers to this day and a great place to sit and people-watch. Over on the right you can make out Binns department store (now a branch of House of Fraser) and next door is Marks & Spencer, still there today. On the left, local stationer and postcard publisher Thurnam’s next door to Stead & Simpson, once the largest footwear manufacturers in the world.

The recipient, Miss Lester, works at the 35MU (maintenance unit) for the RAF at Heywood in Lancashire. This was primarily a civilian site handling repairs and with storage facilities. Jean worked in the Salvage Office.

An interesting addition to this postcard which places it firmly of its time is the printed quote on the reverse from the Prime Minister: “This is a time for everyone to stand together, and hold firm!” Seems very apt, even today.