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Dear Malcolm,
Many thanks to you and Ian for photos, they were very good. I hope you had a jolly Xmas and that you will all have a very happy New Year. tell Ian I will send him a P.C. soon I shall be very pleased to see James, Ian and yourself. Any time after next Monday. I will be away from home till then. love to all from Jeannie
Hope you are all well.

Published by William Ritchie & Sons, Edinburgh | Reliable Series | 187/8

To: Master Malcolm Macdonald, 17 Portland Square, Carlisle
Postmark: DALSTON | [?] December 1909

This view, from Etterby Scaur path across the cricket ground and the river, is one I’m familiar with having walked the route to-and-from school for a few years. It shows the city’s most recognisable sights – the Castle, the Cathedral and the Eden.

It’s a Christmas and New Year greeting sent from the village of Dalston to Carlisle in December 1909 arranging a meeting in 1910 (the week after). A search of the 1911 census tells me that the recipient, Malcolm MacDonald, was born in 1898, the son of Dr. James Macdonald who also gets a mention in the greetings, as does his other son, Ian (born in 1901).

I have another postcard to the same family (Master E. MacDonald) here.